Program Areas

Protection of the environment and proper health

The environment provides the resources and space for the sustenance of humanity and it is therefore critical that ecosystems and biodiversity are protected and secured for both the present and future generations. Protection of our environment does not only protect the resources for livelihoods, but also ensures proper health for participation and productivity of all. Working with other stakeholders, AFD shall promote these ideals.

Proper education and sustainable livelihoods

Good and proper education (academic and vocational) is essential to development, sustainable livelihoods and the protection of human dignity. Working with other stakeholders, AFD shall promote the enjoyment of good and proper training and sustainable livelihoods to protect and advance the dignity of humanity.

Strengthening of democracy and good governance

Within the framework of human dignity, all peoples must enjoy the innate freedom of the human spirit. AFD shall work with other stakeholders to advance the ideals of strengthening democratic institutions, structures and the practices of good governance.

Post 2015/SDGs

The pursuit of the SDGs shall be a cross-cutting theme in our activities. We shall endeavour to contribute our quota to the achievement of these goals.