Our Values

Cooperation and Partnerships

The challenge of sustainable development is a one that demands collective effort and action. AFD appreciates the partnership, support and cooperation of other stakeholders and interested parties in working towards shared interests and common goals.

Transparency and Accountability

AFD believes in being transparent and accountable in our dealings and we strive to remain open, responsible and accountable to all our stakeholders: beneficiaries, community, donors, partners, staff, volunteers and the general public.


Labour of love is a true demonstration concern, sympathy and empathy.  Whiles freely donating our energy, time and other resources, we also treasure the priceless volunteer services rendered by both Ghanaian and foreign citizens in various capacities to help AFD achieve its goals.

Ethics and Morality

Whiles pursuing its set objectives, AFD believes in abiding to socially and culturally acceptable norms and standards, more so in a multicultural national, continental and global community.

Gender mainstreaming

AFD believes that females occupy a crucial role in society, more so in the African context, and they need special attention to ensure that they are included, involved and empowered for the realization of our common good.