Who we are

Whiles many parts of the world have experienced remarkable progress in the past two decades; it has come at a high cost. The global community face cross-cutting challenges on varied fronts: environmental, social inclusion, rule of law, conflict and security: which in many circumstances have demanded collective national and global action.

To address this challenge the world has recognized the need for a more inclusive and multi-sectorial approach to ensure a more sustainable development. Sustainable development provides “an integrated response to the complex environmental, societal, economic and governance challenges” and “no nation can achieve this on its own; but together we can – in a global partnership for sustainable development.”

As a country, Ghana loses up to 10% of its GDP due to environmental degradation. This is compounded by the myriad of noxious social, governance and economic challenges the country faces.  These challenges require collective and joint effort to by all stakeholders: national and local government, civil and public institutions, business community, religious bodies, traditional authorities, research and academic institutions, the media, NGOs – such as Alliance for Development – and other civil society organizations: to address them comprehensively and in a holistic manner.

Alliance for Development is a legally registered NGO in Ghana and a listed member of UN civil society organizations. AFD is a member of the Ghana National Education Campaign Coalition, Ghana Coalition Against Poverty, Ghana MDG’s Campaign, Climate Change Action Network, Global Youth Action Network (GYAN) and Commonwealth Youth Council.